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New Products

New Changeover Switch

C&S introduces a new series of on-load changeover switches. The new changeover exhibits an impeccable performance engendered in it by the excellence in design and engineering.


  • Compact construction
  • Quick make quick break mechanism
  • Positive ON/OF indication, indicates true position of contacts
  • High thermal and dynamic strength to withstand rated fused short circuit current level of 80kARMS
  • Available in open execution and in sheet steel enclosure
  • Suitable for capacitor switching and as a main switch
  • Silver plated copper current carrying parts
  • Adjustable telescopic shaft
  • Handle with built in padlocking facility in all the three positions I O and II

New Test Position Switch Disconnector Fuse

New test position SDF is the innovative member in the Switch Disconnector Fuse family. This new test position SDF is available in current rating of 32A and 63A in DP, TP and TPN configurations with cylindrical type fuses.


  1. Unique test position enables testing of Aux. circuit without energizing the mains
  2. Range - 32A & 63A (DP/TP/TPN)
  3. Completely modular design with 22mm pole pitch
  4. Compact size offers space saving at the point of installation
  5. Suitable for mounting on 35 & 75mm din rail, as well as screw mounting
  6. Flexible and ease of use with options of side or center mechanism
  7. Positive ON/OFF indication
  8. Handle shaft extension flexibility
  9. Suitable for 25mm 2 aluminum cable termination


  • Switched Neutral for added safety in 4 pole
  • 100% rated Isolable Neutral in TPN
  • Interlocking facility for fuse cover
  • IP20 finger protection for user safety

WiNtrip Two way Centre OFF Changeover Switch


  1. Compact design
  2. Double break contacts
  3. Shrouded terminal
  4. Can be mounted with other products like MCB, RCCB, Isolator in Distribution board
  5. Front  operation with three positions I-O-II Mid position OFF 

Intelligent Release - micropro 3.1

C&S introduces a new release Micropro 3.1 in its range of microprocessor based ACB release. Micropro 3.1 has been specifically designed with LSIG protective functions in a compact unit offering an economical solution for basic application areas.

Types of protection functions

  • Overload protection
    • Pick up- 0.4 to 1.1 In and OFF
    • Delay- 2.5 to 35 Sec
  • Short-circuit protection
    • Pick up- 1.5 to 9.0 Ir
    • Delay- 50 to 800 msec
  • Instantaneous protection- 3.0 to
    • 10 In and OFF
  • Earth fault protection
    • Pick up- 0.2 to 0.9 IN and OFF
    • Delay- 50 to 800 msec
  • In built thermal memory

Salient Features

  • Individual fault indication LED's
  • Tripping characteristics 
  • Inbuilt MCR
  • Built in release test function
  • Setting adjustments using DIP switches

AC~DC Mechanical Interlocked rubusta contactor

C&S launched RobusTa Contactor AC1 60 Amps; AC~DC Mechanical & Electrical interlocked in the same frame size and height meet has been developed to meet the new emerging application requirement in the Integrated Power Management System (IPMS) for telecom segment. The product developed has met the acceptance & approval from the major IPMS manufacturers catering to the requirement of Indus Towers Ltd. & Bharti Telecom.


rubusTa Contactor with Extended Terminals Facility

RobusTa Contactors 3&4 Pole, rating 40 Amps ~ 500 Amps have been re- engineered with extended terminals for adaptation with aluminum bus-bar to meet market need in the application of DG set, UPS panels & other similar applications.


Anmol Motor Starters

C&S has introduced Anmol Submersible Pump Motor Starter which have been designed for rugged Indian tropical condition encountering wide voltage fluctuations with reliable trouble free long life. Anmol Submersible Pump Motor Starter is reliable, dependable & easy to maintenance.

(A) Anmol Single Phase Submersible Pump Motor Starter

  1. Incorporates 2 Pole contactors
  2. AC3 rating: 20~25A
  3. 2 Pole thermal overload relay type LR7 range 4A~32A
  4. Provided with heavy duty run & start capacitors
  5. Meters & provision of dry run relay protection
  6. Housed in dual tone sheet steel IP54 protection enclosure.

(B) DOL Submersible Pump Motor Starter

  1. Incorporates 4 Pole heavy duty contactors
  2. AC3 rating: 20~25 A
  3. 3 Pole thermal overload relay type LR3 range 2.5~20A
  4. Provided with electronic single phase preventor Auto/Manual start selector switch meters "ON/OFF" LED indicating lamps
  5. Provision of dry run relay protection
  6. TP MCB & voltmeter selector switch
  7. Housed in dual tone sheet steel IP54 protection enclosure.

(C) Star Delta Submersible Pump Motor Starter

  1. Incorporates 4 Pole heavy duty contactors
  2. Ac3 rating: 20~25A
  3. 3 Pole thermal overload relay type LR3 range 2.5~57A
  4. Provided with electronic single phase preventor
  5. Auto/Manual start selector switch
  6. Meters "ON/OFF" & RYB LED indicating lamps Provision of dry run relay protection
  7. TP MCB & Voltmeter selector switch
  8. Housed in dual tone sheet steel IP54 protection enclosure

Universal AC~DC LED Indication Lamp

22.5mm LED lamps now have availability of Universal voltage 12V~ 240V AC~DC Universal indication lamps to meet emerging market requirements.


LED Streetlight System

Streetlights are major source of electricity consumption in Public Lighting. To reduce the consumption costumers are shifting to energy efficient LED based streetlights. C&S present energy efficient LED streetlight range Uber. Uber is available in different shapes, design  wattage. This new streetlight is available in 12W to 200W rating with IP65 protection. C&S is offering 3 year warranty on LED streetlights. The Uber range of LED street light can easily replace existing range of Conventional luminaire. C&S is supplying these LED streetlights to various upcoming projects including north India's largest street light project at SIDCUL Uttarakhand.


  • Housing – Single piece pressure die cast aluminium alloy LM6
  • LEDs – Osram / Philips make LEDs.
  • Cover – Heat Resistant toughened printed glass
  • Thermal management - The heat sinking is been vigilantly tested to ensure that the LEDs hold their intensity & Kelvin color temperature over a period of time.
  • Wattage – 12W to 200W. 
  • Ingress Protection – IP65
  • Driver – Inbuilt constant current electronic driver
  • Suitable for Street, Parks & Gardens, Roundabouts, Malls, Factories etc.

CSEpro Protection Solution

CSEPro-F300 : Feeder Protection Relay/ CSEPro-M200: Motor Protection Relay/
CSEPro-T170: Transformer Protection Relay

  • Digital signal processor based numerical design
  • Modular architecture with self CT shorting

Multifunction relay                        

  • Protection, metering, supervision, control with data acquisition & recording       
  • Multi-protocol communication (Ethernet /RS485 rear; USB on front)
  • Freely programmable DI/ DO
  • IP54 front dust cover
  • Fault /Event /Oscilloscope recording/

Multi-group settings

  • Universal auxiliary supply –24 to 270v AC/ DC
  • CT secondary- 1A & 5A (site selectable)
  • Rated frequency- 50/60Hz (site selectable)
  • High reliability: Design as per IEC60255,IEC61000 & IEC60068 for operating in electrical harsh conditions

CSDPR- V2 : Self Powered Protection Relay for RMU

  • Compact numeric design size
  • Low VA burden
  • Penta power (get energizes from any one: CT, VT, Battery, USB, Solar)
  • RS485 MODBUS communication
  • O/C, S/C, E/F and E/F High set/Unbalance / TCS/ CBFP protection
  • RS-485 MODBUS communication rear panel/ USB port for laptop
  • Last 5 fault record with time stamp
  • Remote trip / remote protection block input DI
  • Output programmable 4 contacts (latch)
  • Two set of protection group
  • Potential pulse output for direct triggering the circuit breaker coil

Lighting Trunking

C&S introduces new Lighting Trunking system an ideal solution for low power distribution. This new trunking system simplifies the installation of continuous layout with high degree of flexibility. It is an energy efficient & sustainable power distribution solution with provision of expansion, changes, replacement & reusing. It is very easy & quick to install as compared to conventional system of power distribution. This new lighting trunking system is available in 25A, 32A, 40A & 63A rating with IP54/IP55 options.


  • Plug in box rating 6A, 10A, 16A (with/without fuse)
  • Busbar configuration

2P-L1/N/PE (housing)
4P-L1/L2/L3/N/PE (housing)
6P-L1/L2/L3/N1/N2/E/PE (housing)

  • Flexible Elbow allows to change its direction with respect to the distribution layout
  • Its inbuilt push fit joint, fitted at either ends to join the two elements 

Himoinsa Generating Sets

C&S Himoinsa launched new range of Trolly mounted DGs sets & Mobile lighting tower from 7.5kVA to 1000kVA rating.

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